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Health Insurance can be defined as a system of advance financing of health expenditure through contributions, premiums or taxes paid into a common pool to pay for all or part of health services specified by a policy or plan.
An individual who is registered under NHIS.
Health Maintenance Organization is a private or public incorporated company registered by the NHIS solely to manage the provision of health care services through Health Care Providers accredited by the Scheme.
Yes, you can access care without your identification card. A letter of introduction to the hospital will be sent or mailed to you and the hospital prior to the delivery of your soft copy HMO ID card. Please contact our call centre for assistance.
No, because the HMO plan operates just like a regular insurance policy. The premium is nonrefundable.
Yes. The provider would only need to contact us to confirm that you are an active member (since you are not registered with them).
A healthcare provider is an NHIS-approved hospital.
When you have selected your plan type, filled the registration form (selecting a primary care provider from the hospitals in the network) and your ID card has been handed over to you, you simply visit your selected hospital whenever you need to access medical services.
This is the amount you pay in exchange for access to an agreed set of benefits for a fixed period. Premiums can differ because of the number of people to cover, the amount of coverage to be enjoyed or specific choice of hospitals.
Enrolling in the NHIS Scheme with the Grooming HMO offers the following benefits:
• Guaranteed access to quality healthcare services.
• Better and wider choice of hospitals.
• Efficient referral system from your hospital to higher levels of care.
• Guaranteed emergency or out-of-station care.
• Counselling on immunization services.
• Guaranteed customer service satisfaction.
• Peace of mind.

Pre-existing conditions (PEC) are SERIOUS illnesses that have existed AT ANY TIME BEFORE the start of your insurance plan. Treatment or advice may have been received for such conditions in the past. Covers for PEC and chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, peptic ulcer, and arthritis are purchased in addition to any of our health insurance plans. This benefit is not just for older parents, it also covers younger people who have the pre-existing conditions listed above.
You can click here for a full list of all the items covered under the Grooming Health Care Pre-existing Conditions Extra Benefit.
Whenever you need to speak to a doctor for a simple ailment, open the Grooming Health App or On the website- www.groominghm.com click the “Consult a Doctor” button, located at the top menu of the website or click the "Health questions" button at the bottom of the Reliance Care App, It will open a page where you can type your health-related question and send it to a doctor. Doctors are available 24 hours a day and you will get an answer from a doctor within 15 minutes

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